Prime Brokerage Services



The introducing prime brokerage model was born out of a gap in service between the large Wall Street bank prime brokerages and emerging hedge funds. Launched in 2003, Cuttone & Company Prime Brokerage Services sits at the forefront of providing an exceptional platform and service to bridge that gap for hedge funds and other investment managers. We have been able to maintain a high quality of service by not taking all potential clients, but by seeking to work with those that understand the value of a partner that is committed to helping them to grow their business. Our people work in concert with institutional partners to ensure that all of a client’s custody and clearing needs are met so that they can focus on managing their business.

Cuttone Prime Brokerage Services offers our clients:

  • Fully disclosed custody and clearance at ICBC, Wedbush Securities, and Electronic Transaction Clearing.
  • Direct Market Access
  • Proprietary Algorithms
  • Outsourced trading and commission management
  • Execution risk management solutions